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Welcome to Forest Garden. If you’re looking for a break, some self-care, peace of mind, connection with nature, and maybe something more, Forest Garden is just the place for you. Pack the essentials, leave the unnecessary behind, and set out into nature’s warm embrace and all of the mystery and adventure that comes with it.

Come and take in the energy only Mother Nature can provide, and explore the mysterious Melechov hill. You can sip crystal clear natural water from the well, experience the genius loci of the beautiful Sázava River, relax under the treetops, and find the peace and balance you’re looking for.

Forest Garden Cottage

The house is oriented to the south, and was built with the utmost sensitivity to, and respect for, the land it’s built on. It sleeps six, and the outside terrace and all-glass front facade create a truly unique connection to the surrounding nature.

Forest Garden
  • There is a double bed directly under the gable of the house with open views of the countryside.
  • There is a separate room for children or friends, providing a bit of peace and privacy for everyone
  • The sofa bed in the living area comfortably sleeps two people
  • The house has a small, cozy bathroom, with both a shower and a toilet
  • Guests have a fully-equipped kitchen at their disposal, and can enjoy all of the gastronomical excellence of the hotel

Forest Garden
  • The house is designed for year-round use. Heated floors keep the house warm, and cozying up by the fireplace with a wine or tea is always a nice option
  • The outdoor fireplace is ready to use. You can test your cooking skills and recipes, and spend a pleasant time with friends or family
  • Free WiFi is provided, but it comes with an OFF button so you can completely disconnect from everyday life and just get away from it all

Forest Garden & The Kouty Hotel

Forest Garden is a combination of high-comfort, rustic accommodation and hotel service. Our guests can enjoy the fantastic gastronomy, sports, and relaxation facilities of the nearby Kouty hotel.

Hotel Kouty
  • The hotel is located on the shores of a clean, natural pond, where you can cool off after a workout and soak up the sun on the beautiful grassy beach. For sauna lovers, there is a unique cedar floating sauna with facilities on the shore of the pond.
  • Throughout the year, the area plays host to various musical, relaxation, and gastronomic events. There are very interesting courses in yoga, hardening, chi kung, and the already-legendary Corner Festival. Cyclists have a range of options, and trails to choose from, including to Lipnice Castle.

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Hotel Kouty, Rejčkov 20, Ledeč nad Sázavou 584 01

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